Happy Birthday!

Add a little magic to your birthday party....

Klutz E. Klown has been performing hundreds of birthday parties since 1994. Clown Magic Shows, Puppets, Balloon Animals, Story Telling, and much much more available. Many times Klutz E.Klown is invited back over and over becoming a "must have" special friend for the birthday child.

I recommend that you video tape the show. If you don't have a video camera, borrow one. Many parents have commented that the home video of the party becomes the most popular movie in the house with the children watching it repeatedly untill the next year's party and the next video.


A typical party starts with Klutz E.'s arrival and subsequent meeting and greeting of the guests. This is followed by a magic and juggling show where, depending on the child's age, the birthday child becomes the Klutz E.'s special assistant making them the center of attention. The show lasts about twenty to thirty minutes.

Klutz E. then makes balloon sculpture creations for everyone. At smaller parties the balloon creations are tied into a story line with each balloon creation having one of the childrens names. i.e.: Bobby the Weenie dog, or Susie the parrot.

Wrapping up, Klutz E. will then stay around long enough to help sing "Happy Birthday" and pose for individual or group photos.

Depending on the number of guests present, Klutz E.'s appearance lasts between 1 hour and 1 hour and 15 minutes.

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