Klutz E.'s Biography Page
Klutz E. Klown's
Biography Page

My name is Klutz E. Klown
I am an Auguste Clown and I am about 5 years old.
Which is kind of silly since I have been clowning for about 13 years now.
Oh well, I never claimed to be a Mathematical Whiz.
I first starting clowning in Texas. That's because I used to live there, so it made it kind of convenient. I took my first clowning class at U.T. at Arlington where I met Maggie the Magical Clown and Snapshot the Clown. They were my teachers and they became my friends too.
Maggie and Snapshot helped me to learn many things about clowning like: magic tricks, juggling, and even some new balloon animals.
After I finished Clown College, I performed a magic show at a Birthday Party and really enjoyed it. So I went to work as a clown on the weekends.
I started performing magic shows and making balloons at Birthday Parties, Grand Openings, Company Picnics, and Charity functions. I joined Mid Cities Clown Alley and met a whole bunch of clowns who were all eager to help me learn how to be a better clown.
In fact, I even signed up for another Clown College Class taught by one of the Alley Members, "Lollibells". In her class I learned how to improve my make-up and further develop my clown character.
Later on I became interested in Gospel Clowning, so I took another class, taught by Lollibells, on Gospel Clowning. Little Lolli taught me how to start developing my clown ministry. I really learned a lot from her, She is a Wonderful Clown.
In 1995 my alter-ego was transferred to Kentucky, so I had to go along too. It was kind of lonely here at first because I didn't know any other clowns in the State. But after a while I started to make some new friends, and I eventually started performing again. Now I'm busy most weekends at Birthday Parties, Company Picnics, and even Church Events.
My schedule is purty busy now-a-days, So if you want to book a date with me you may want to call ahead and reserve a time.

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Want to book a party with Klutz E. Klown?
You can reach me by:
1. Call me at: 1(502)859-2338
2. E-Mail me at: klutze@klutze.com
3. Drop me a note from my web page at: www.klutze.com